My Sponsors

I’m lucky to have three companies on board to sponsor me as I pedal from one adventure to the next! Each is well-known and respected in the cycling industry, and I’m very proud to wear and/or use the gear they’ve provided me with!

720 Armour produces a range of streamline sports eyewear for serious athletes all over the world.

My first sponsor, 720 Armour, has given me awesome eyewear to keep the sun, rain and bugs out of my eyes while I’m on the road. This company was founded in Australia in 1996, and is constantly expanding. The brand is now well known in most European countries,  America,  Asia and the Middle East.

Topeak, a top brand for everything from lights, computers, racks and panniers to pumps, tools, repair kits and so much more…

My most recent sponsors are partner companies, and again, both are well-known and very much respected in the cycling world.

Topeak, founded in Taiwan in 1991, is now one of the most recognized brands for bicycle accessories and tools. Mini pumps, mini tool sets, lights, racks and panniers are only a few of the items they produce. Recognized time and again for their innovative, world-class design, this is a company that gives you what you need to get things done!

Ergon Bike Ergonomics says it all; comfort, practicality, and sleek German style in each of their products…


Specialists in grips, saddles, backpacks, pedals, gloves and tools, Ergon is a German company that has provided cyclists with the best of the best in style, comfort, and practicality since 2003. With a team of bike experts, racing cyclists, sports scientists, physicians, ergonomics experts, architects, industrial designers and engineers contributing to the development of their products, it’s no surprise that what comes out of it all is nothing short of absolute quality.

I’m feel very honoured and privileged to call these distinguished companies my sponsors! It’s with great pride that I’ll be wearing and/or using these products throughout my journey. Not only will I look good 😉 … but I’ll also be benefiting tremendously from using these quality products, especially where my comfort and physical well-being are concerned.

Thank you to all of my sponsors; you’re helping me make dreams come true!


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