About me

I’m a thirty-something Canadian woman who was born in a large French-Canadian family in Southern Ontario. For more than eight years I’ve lived away from home, first moving to Taiwan to teach English, and more recently going to Europe to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Just me, my bicycle, my tent and my tattoo machine. On March 6th, 2013 I flew into Athens, Greece to get things started. After an early and significant speed bump (my bike and a bunch of my gear were stolen less than a month into my trip) I got back on track and completed the year-long journey, travelling through 12 European countries and covering over 5000 kms on my bicycle.

Since then I’ve pedaled through Louisiana and Texas, and I have plans to do a 4-month cycling tour from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, CA starting in August, 2015. In the meantime, I keep busy travelling between Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and the Niagara Region, and this spring (March/April 2015) I’ll be spending five weeks in South Africa (though I’ll be leaving my wheels at home for this one).

The plan from the start was to discover and explore whatever places my pedaling feet would take me to, and to meet new people along the way through the tips of my needles! Which route would I take? How long would my adventures last? These answers have only come to be known as the journeys progressed, for the journey itself is what determines what each new day will bring…


15 comments on “About me

  1. Bonjour, tout un hasard aujourd’hui, je t’explique. Je pars pour Taiwan dans 2 semaines donc j’ai appelé mes assurances SSQ groupe financier pour savoir si tout est o.k avec mon contract et j’ai eu la chance de parler avec ta soeur qui m’a parlé un peu de toi. Wow! Quelle belle aventure! Je ne sais pas si se serait possible qu’on se rencontre en Taiwan, Taichung. Malgré qu’on part dans deux semaines nous n’avons pas encore vraiment décidé si on se dirige vers le nord est pour commencer ou bien le sud ouest??????? Anyway! Nous arrivons le 20 février et on repart le 19 mars pour le Japon pour deux autres mois de cyclotourisme! yahoo! Si tu veux qu’on échange un peu d’information, fais moi signe. Bye! et bonne aventure!

  2. Awesome story you are telling. I’m a tattoo artist also in Niagara, and from Welland, Had the opportunity to travel around Alberta and tattoo a few years ago; great experiences. Keep up the story, I’m loving it!

    • Thanks for the comment, James! Always nice to hear from a fellow tattoo artist, but it’s extra special when you also call the same place home… Hopefully we can meet and swap stories when I come home for the holidays this winter! 🙂

    • I’ve done one tattoo in a shop in Athens but mostly I do the tattoos in people’s homes. I did a few in a restaurant too. When I was living in Taiwan, my living room became my tattoo studio. Again, I worked in a shop once so I could get a bit of feedback from the pros, but for the most part, kinda learned it all on my own…

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  5. Bonjour. Je viens de lire un article sur vous à Ouest France. Comment je paux vous contacter? Vous etes à Léhon?

  6. We have a shop in Spokane, WA called, “Mom’s Custom Tattoo & Piercing”, We would love to have you for a guest spot if you are willing. All female run shop, (Wife, Beth, Tattoo Artist, Daughter, Shandra is the Piercer. We can put you up for free, while you are here in our AirBnB designated room which has its own bathroom and Wall mounted TV.

    Best wishes to you and your travels…

    – Tim

    • Thanks so much for the invitation! I’m all set for a move to South Africa at end of August, so I don’t think I’ll be making it out to Washington anytime soon…. but if circumstances change at any point, I’ll definitely let you know! I would be honoured to join your team as a guest for a few weeks. 🙂 All the best, Tim!

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