2 comments on “Ink – By a Cyclist, For a Cyclist

  1. Fascinating quality of listening in the tattoos intertwined with the blog. ‘Listening’ in the sense that people’s talisman/totems are represented but so beautifully interpreted by you, a veritable visual call and response. Following the flow of the travel and serendipitous encounters, I am also fascinated by the image of these tattoos/living biomaterial scattered in the travel. Tattoos that then begin travels of their own, like tributaries of the river of your passage.

    • Thank you Anna! What a lovely comment… 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve travelled through Europe and wrote in this blog… but I still think about it often, and it is indeed a bit of a mind trip thinking about how widespread my creations are… Four continents. Wow! Never actually realised that. Pretty cool. 🙂

      Thank you for your elegant analysis of what this journey has been all about. The exchanges between myself and the wonderful people I met along the way, and the permanent impressions we’ve made on each other… What a great experience!

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